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Authentic Visual Storytelling

Professional Photography in Calgary, Alberta

Ridgerock Studios is a full service commercial studio specializing in amazing food photography, food styling, and product photography. We use our experience and resources to photograph and capture your business through images that inspire action.

& Beverage


Ridgerock Studios is focused on bridging the gap between great food and drink, and great pictures. From front-of-house shots, to a beautifully plated dish with perfect lighting, our Food & Beverage Photography services ensure every one of your menu items shines on camera. Let Ridgerock help you capture the best of your craft and share that feeling of “I gotta go here” with others.

& Commercial Work


You want people to buy what you’re selling, right? Product photography is an essential part of marketing and advertising. It’s the perfect way to show off your product in the best light, highlighting all its features and benefits. Whether it’s high-end fashion or household goods, our photographers will make sure that every detail of your product is captured beautifully and have customers excited about coming back to you again and again.

& Their Work


Looking to show of your company culture? Look no further. Our people & staff photography service captures the personality of your staff, clients, and work environment. Ridgerock Studios specializes in capturing those magical candid moments, our goal: to capture the essence of your business through photographs that tell your story perfectly from beginning to end.



We love our studio, but sometimes things like construction equipment or oil and gas don’t fit into our space. That’s where the studio has to pick up roots and get outside! Being able to pack up and go is a luxury we don’t take for granted. You get to experience the true vibe and see something engage with others and their environment. Passion always follows either in front or behind the lens and that always results in perfection!

Cookbook &


For food companies that want to engage consumers in their brand, cookbooks have become a way to use their products and show how versatile they can be. Recipes with pictures now develop food products as staples in the kitchen drive loyalty and advocacy.

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